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Life in America, LA :P

I remember what my Professor said sometime back - Going Away from Mumbai, any other city would make you feel sleepy and lazy and I think his words are quite true. LA as a city has a pretty laid back lifestyle.. People seem to have lots of time on their hands.. they're not in a hurry to do things which is quite contrary to what I expected from LA. btw, LA has hardly any high rises as this region is earthquake prone. People are pretty warm over here. They greet you even if they don't know you! One thing you'd notice as soon as you land in America, is the roads and the traffic rules. The amount of respect given to pedestrians is no where like in India. Any car/bike has to stop 100 mts in advance if you see somebody crossing the road. Roads are awesome. The city is well planned.. everything is at right angles over here.. so if you need to go from one end of the city to the diagonally opposite end, you would have to take like a minimum of 2 buses. btw, transport system is pretty screwed up over here. Buses take infinite time to reach destination as they have infinite stops. It took me like 3 hours to go from one place to another for a distance similar to Dadar to CST. Pak gaya us din :( LA is not such a safe place to live. You would hardly find anybody on the roads after like 8 o clock :( LA is notoriously famous for shootings and stuff. So its not a 24hr city either contrary to what I expected :(

Cars are awesome over here too :) You'd find all kinds of brands from all over the world over here. Ferrari's, Lambourghinis, Toyotas, Hondas and what not. And yeah.. I found Ferrari's too, something like 10 Ferrari's on the same street which is called Sunset Boulevard which is supposed to be one of the most posh Streets in LA. I haven't gone to Hollywood yet but I've seen the Hollywood symbol though :) from Sunset Blvd. Apparently entrance fee for just stepping inside Hollywood is 20 USD. I've checked out the beaches too.. Santa Monica is near to LA. Beach was good :) Much more cleaner than Bombay beach. I needn't tell you about girls and bikini's and stuff. You should be imagining those yourselves :P

btw, about girls.. they're so gorgeous you know. The standard wear for girls over here is Mini's and Micro mini's and everybody seems to be Hollywood material :) One girl passes by and you think how beautiful she was and instantly there comes another girl who is better than the first one and this recursive process goes on and on and on. Unfortunately there are hardly any girls in my Masters classes though :( But girls in Undergraduation are like real hot. Apparently there are parties everyday in the sorority homes (thats where the UGs live), they really do enjoy their undergraduation :)

USC has an amazingly beautiful campus :) Professors are warm, you can call them by their first names. A lot of emphasis is on assignments with very less weightage to endsems and midsems. Projects form a major part of the course. You get assignments like class and they're due next week. People generally solve problems by themselves. And the courses here are more towards making sure the students learn concepts rather than covering lots of portion. Like my prof. over here was amazed that 2 courses in USC have been covered in just 1 course at IIT. IIT has a lot of brand value over here. Especially IIT Bombay. Everybody instantly gives you respect as soon as you say you're from IIT Bombay. USC as such is a very costly univ, so i advice you guys NOT to come on your own funding. In general, come over here only if you have Schols.. or else life becomes miserable.. its like you have to keep in mind every dollar you spend. If your working over here, like an RA or TA.. you get paid handsomely and instantly you feel like everything is cheap but if your getting money back from India, you tend to convert everything into Rupees and that scares the hell out of most desis over here.

I think this is becoming a really long post. I'd rather end here. But you know at the end of the day, you feel like India is the place to be. US is just a lot of hype. There's nothing more than that. Life as such is pretty boring out here. India has much more fun things to do than out here.. And IITs are a special place. As far as I'm concerned.. IIT as an engineering institute ranks much higher than most top 10 univs in the US. I hope you guys are fine back at home and envy you guys for being back in India, enjoying the food, cricket and stuff :P


Can't find any subject to blog these days :(

Ferrari 430

God! I know you listen to my prayers :)
Jus give me enough money to buy one of these :D


Beach Trip :)

Been to Nagaon, Kashid & Murud beaches yesterday. A M A Z I N G beaches :)

Click Me :)
Friends takin nap under a tree shade..

I asked this old man to pose for me :)

A whale? dolphin?  

Inspired by the whale (done by someone else), we set out to make a castle.
Click Me :)
This psued entrance was a figment of my imagination :)
Click Me :)
Sunset - I captured it all :)
Click Me :)

Click Me :)
After sunset :)
Click Me :)

Click Me :)
We set up a bonfire & spent the night on the beach.
It was a tremendous experience :)



These are jus some of the signatures I use on IIT BB.

Started liking Switchfoot. They're a really cool band.
You gotto listen to "Dare You to Love".


Lazy Bum

Its been sometime since I have written sth :D

Thats jus bcoz I'm a lazy bum :(

Cute Girl :D

Cute Girl
Notice her big eyes & open mouth :)
Shooo shweet rite?


Relationships :-S

I wonder, how do ppl remain 'committed' for such long times? In the first place, why do they even let themselves into a committed relationship?

Personally, I can't get along with any particular girl for more than a month !! Post first date,  it is ideally the girl who breaks up first
:D More often than not,  the relationship turns cold after a period of time..

It is the initial stages of a relationship (when you meet the girl for the 1st few times either online or otherwise) that are most exciting. I term this period as the 'Period of Laying the Groundwork'. This period can extend from a  couple of days to an entire week, if the girl's heart is a chamber of secrets & broken relationships..

The whole of the second week goes into trying to talk her into a first date, mebbe even push the coffee bill somehow on to her purse ;) (Works out more often than not
:D). Contact hours generally vary from 14 - 21 hours per week either through chat or via phone. It is most essential at this point of time, that you recollect the fundamental law of relationships -

Girls = Money  X  Time

So make sure you have the mobile bills covered in your budget for that particular month. In this context, I may also advice you here, to avoid a long distance relationship on the pure basis that STD calls cost more :P

Moving on ..
Next, comes the D-day..
The evening's well planned!
Casual dinner at Pizza hut followed with an ice-cream at Naturals. You talk a lot ( a lot of crap!) over dinner. Conversation is lively though
You take her on a bike ride to the airport at 2 AM ( jus to see a BOEING take off from the runway! ) She's thrilled :) She loves every moment she's spending with you, or so you think! (poor chap :D)

Days pass by
Prolly, you go on more dates. You start quarelling over trivial matters, make-up within an hour of the fight & blah.. blah..
The thing is, after a few days (say like 2-3 weeks), the fire in the relationship just dies off. Things become unbearably mundane. Also, there is the peer pressure of a committed relationship !

Eh ghosh.. tooo much to handle 

So, you might ask me, why not ditch the idea of  'relating with a girl' altogether?
Well, this is where
God plays his game of dice :( Every time you see a gorgeous sexy babe walking down the street, he fills your tummy with butterflies :(

Wise men say that the next best thing to a committed relationship is a relationship with no-strings-attached .
Whats it? How does it work? I'm yet to figure out !

Ferrari Madness!

Ferrari 360 Modena
  • V8 Engine
  • 5 Valves/Cylinder
  • Displacement - 3586 cc
  • Power -  395 bhp @ 8500 rpm
  • Torque - 275 ft lbs @ 4750 rpm
  • Compression Ratio - 11:1
  • Top Speed - 305 kmph (189 mph)
  • 0 to 60 mph takes 4.6 seconds

This is my car B-) So keep your hands off it :P

lovey - dovey



(Click on the thumbnails for better resolution images)

I'm not a pervert! ( Ha ha.. I wouldn't have shared these pics, if  I was one )

Jus wanted to show off my photography skills  :D

Some real emotions are captured only when the subjects in question,
have lil clue that they are being captured :)

ps : Smbdy wanted a babe's pic.. So this is for you :)

& Couples, beware of my camera